5 Online Football Games

You don’t have to play football or even bet on it to enjoy it (though it makes it extra fun). In this respect, the people may differ greatly. Some may stretch, while others stare at their phones wondering if their Caesars Casino bonus code that offers them $10 without requiring them to deposit anything is still valid. There are those that have already painted their bodies with the colors of their team.

However, there is one thing that connects a quarterback, a gamer and a regular football fan – the adrenaline rush when nothing else exists in the world, save for the field, the players and the ball. To get a substitute you can enjoy offseason, we have compiled a list of the finest football games you can play online.

Football Heroes Turbo

While still in early access on Steam, this game shows a lot of promise. You can play it alone, with a friend or relative at home, and online. It has a crazy amount of customization options, so you can create your team from scratch. You can choose the team’s mascot, the city they’re from and the way they diss the opposition.

However, one of the reasons this game will get you hooked is that it’s not just a football game. Your characters level up and have special moves they can perform to outmaneuver your opponent. This, and much more, is why you should check out Football Heroes Turbo.

Axis Football League

This game is more for strategists and coaches than for people looking for action-packed fun. Granted, there is a portion of the game dedicated to you kicking, tackling and intercepting as needed, but for the most part, you will be choosing your team based on stats, as well as offensive and defensive strategies after every play.

Lateral Collateral

Simplicity itself, yet very entertaining. Your team is always on the offensive and trying to avoid getting tackled. You lead a team of five little guys facing off against behemoths, and you must react quickly in passing the ball to other players, whom you also control.

The gameplay is reminiscent of Frogger (ask your parents, maybe they remember). The up and down arrows shift your character’s position, while the left and right pass the ball to someone else. The game gets progressively harder, until the player holding the ball gets trampled. Like Axis Football League, this is a browser-based game.


Rugby Nations 18

Okay, I know this isn’t the red, white and blue sport you’ve signed up for. However, once you start playing this game, you’ll understand why it’s on the list. The graphics are impressive for a mobile game, and the controls are fairly simple. You are watching your players from the back and control their passes, kicks, and dives. The game is available on the App Store, as well as Google Play.

Madden NFL Overdrive Football

We have saved the best for last – this mobile game has been out since 2014, and has gained numerous fans and followers. Your team battles other players all around the globe, as you improve with actual NFL stars.

To be perfectly honest, there are a few downsides. Madden NFL Overdrive Football was developed by EA, which is notorious for its microtransactions and closed game content. However, that doesn’t seem to bother the 1.4 million people who got it from Google Play. It is available in the App Store as well.

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