Understanding the English Football League Pyramid

The English Football League is also one of the top favorite sports in the UK and on the global level, too. Bettors all around the world know how easy it is easy to get confused by this pyramid system. Take a look at how the English Football League hierarchy works and choose a league to bet on via operators found on Bonuscodeindia.com

Premier League

The Premier league is found on top of the English Football League pyramid. Among the 20 teams that participate one will get the title of the Premier League champion at the end of the season. When it comes to seasons, they become from August and end somewhere during May. Moreover, each team will play 38 matches in one season. If you’re a huge fan of football and you enjoy following different leagues, the Polish league, for example, is very interesting as well – you can read more about it and even compare it to the English league to see what their strengths and weaknesses are.

English Football League Championship

The EFL Championship is one of the highest divisions of the EFL, after the Premiere League. There are 24 teams participating in the English Football League Championship. The top 2 out of all of them are always promoted to the Premier League. In addition, other teams could win the promotion to the Premier League, but in the playoffs. 

League One

Again, in English Football League One the top two out of 24 teams will end up getting the promotion and head automatically to the English Football League Championship. Also, the next top four teams will also get the chance to reach the English Football League Championship via playoff tournaments. 

League Two

Another English Football League division where the top three teams will win the promotion to the League One straight away. Afterward, the next top 4 will try to win the promotion in the playoffs. Just like the previous two divisions, this one has 24 teams playing.

National League

In this division, there are two slots for promotions. This means that all the 24 teams will be competing to become the champions, but only the top-performing team will win the promotion. After, the top 6 among the remaining 23 teams will compete in the playoffs to get the promotion. The last 4 on the list will be placed in the South and North division.

National League South & North

With the 24 teams in this division, the top two will eventually get the promotions to the National League. The champion will get the promotion automatically, while the next top 6 teams will compete in the playoffs. The team which wins the playoffs will get the promotion. 

Other Divisions and Teams

The remaining divisions in the English Football League pyramid are:

  • Southern Football League South Division 
  • Southern Football League Central Division
  • Isthmian Premier Division
  • Northern Premier Division

These leagues for level seven and level eight of the English football league hierarchy. It is worth mentioning that the level seven divisions have 22 teams. Plus, only the champions will get promoted directly to the National League South or North. Additionally, the next top four who reach the playoffs will compete for 2 promotion spots. 

Cup Competitions 

Let us not forget about the cup championships fro different clubs and divisions in the English Football League hierarchy. There are two top cup competitions, the EFL Cup and FA Cup. the champions of either of the two will be able to play at the UEFA.

In the first out of these two, the EFL Cup, you could expect only teams from levels one, two, three and four. Don’t confuse it with the EFL Trophy where levels three and four can compete. Furthermore, in the FA Cup, any team from level 1 to level 10 could compete. As far as the FA Trophy is concerned, one could expect to see teams from levels five, six, seven and eight participating. Levels 9 and 11 could participate in the FA Vase competition.

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