Will This Be the Year of Bradford City’s Promotion?

Bradford City, overall, has had a solid season. The defense has become far stronger than it was in years with a few unfortunate exceptions. The fans of the club are abuzz online, and when some of them are not browsing the web for interesting stories or using codes as is the case with BetOlimp Registration, they are speculating whether the club is going to be promoted this year or not. Could this be the year?

Automatic Promotion

Unfortunately, this option has been dangling above the club’s head for a very long time. At the time of writing, the Bantams are 7th with 47 points to their name. While they did lose to Crawley and Mansfield, their draws are what is keeping the team afloat, especially when you consider that one of those draws was against Swindon, currently placed at the top of the League Two board with 56 points.

If the team is to acquire automatic promotion, they need a solid win or two, though they have not seen a win for the last six games. This could affect the morale of the players and destroy any chance of getting automatic promotion.

Other Options

Alternatively, the chance to climb to the top may lie in the playoffs. This does not seem like a stretch, considering the fact that the team has not been in the top 3 for a while, but they are not too far away from it to matter too much.

Some fans place a lot of the blame for the team’s current position on Gary Bowyer, the Bantam’s manager. Forums like even have polls where fans of the club can give their two cents about the outcome of the season. One such poll does not look promising – as much as 70% of the people who took it believe Bradford City is not going to get promoted, whether it is automatically or through playoffs.

Bantam Talk even has a thread dedicated entirely to Gary Bowyer, called Sack the manager. This thread also has a poll of its own, in which 64% of the people believe it is time for the manager to leave. One of the reasons he is criticized the most is the 4-3-3 formation that doesn’t seem to quite cut it in these circumstances.

Bottom Line

It is our humble opinion that the Bantams still have a shot at being promoted to League One, but some changes must be made. The team’s excellent defense is not enough and the tactics need to be changed in order to make use of Bradford City’s full potential. If the team continues playing this way, they are going to remain stuck in League Two for a while. However, their draw with Swindon proves that they have the skill necessary to proceed to the next stage. It is only a matter of putting the said skill to good use.

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